One of my favorite shots. Such a little princess.



This kid amazes me every day. She is sooo talented & beautiful. An inspiration every waking moment. Heck she inspires me when she sleeps.

Proud mama


This is a simple & refreshing way to keep yourself hydrated. As a mom on the go I find myself drinking less water than I should. I got these cool glass bottles & add fruit of my choice in the morning & refill as the day goes on. My favorite combo is lemon & strawberry or lemon & raspberry. Cucumber mint is also delish.



•2 scoops protein powder of choice ( I use vegan gluten free whole nectar protein mix)
•1 tbs cocoa
•1 cup frozen sweet cherries
•1/2 banana (I always freeze my bananas when they’re the perfect amount of ripe)
•1 tbs raw crunchy almond butter unsalted
•dark choc chips on top for garnish
(You can use a liquid of choice for blending purposes, I used plain unsweetened almond milk)

Thanks for the inspiration Reagan!


It’s probably a little early to be potty training my 15 month old but we are always trying to stay ahead of the game. For goodness sakes this kid communicates like a 2 year old. So in the mornings when I go to the bathroom I strip her down & place her on her froggy potty. Some days she will pee & usually she poops too. Well like all babies Reagan loves playing with my house keys. Normally this is cool. Well as a perfect parent I was sitting on the toilet checking my mom group on Facebook. I heard some poop grunts coming from Reagan on the frog potty. I applauded in joy like any mommy would when you see poopoos in the potty. (Cheers for one less poopy diaper to spray off) she finished her business, we cleaned her up. I dumped the poo from the frog to the big potty… And PLOP, my keys covered in brown sludge. Reagan dropped a deuce on my house keys. I wanted to flush them, maybe I would get lucky & a hot plumber would show up to fish them out of the crapper. But I pulled up my stained two day worn yoga pants, rolled back my sleeves (let’s be honest I didn’t have a shirt on this early) & fished those suckers out. Then had the bright idea to make a cocoa smoothie.


•5 dates soaked over night
•1/4 cup rolled oats
•1/2 frozen banana
•2 tbs almond butter
•1 tbs chia
•almond milk to blend
•top with granola of choice

The yum factor of this one is off the charts, enjoy!

I’m Alyssa, stay at home mom, pro breastfeeder, elitist mom snob, no plastic; glass only pusher.
I’m horrible at writing & full of grammatical errors. But I’m a darn good mom & a damn good smoothie maker. So here I am offering all I have to the world.
This blog will be full of fun blends, pictures of my gorgeous daughter & me talking a ton of crap.